Built On The Latest Tech
.NET Core

PCI DSS Compliant at
Site and Server Level

Hassle-Free Scalability
On The Fly

Integrates With All
Payment Processors

Real-Time Shipping With
ShipEngine Integration

Integrates With All
Acct and Tax Solutions

Personalized For Your Business Needs

Fast Phone Order Entry
Avg Time 2-3 Min

Upgrades And Patches Done Automatically

Unlimited Reporting

Auto-Ship and
Subscription Order Ready

No Limit To
Products or Customers

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Gsquared Design Group is proud to announce our own custom developed ecommerce shopping cart now for public release.

As you know we have been working as developers across many different ecommerce shopping cart platforms over the years. ProductCart, CS Cart, WooCommerce, etc and to be honest we have always felt the need to bring everything we love from these ecommerce shopping carts and expand on them to make things easier and more customizable than ever. Primarily phone orders and customer management, full control and editing capabilities of both the content and design and finally upgrades and patches.

Upgrades and patches for all ecommerce shopping carts has long been a major pain across all platforms, the reason being that with each new release an entirely new code set was usually pushed to the users and then the developers would apply the updates and then spend time each and every time to incorporate all the previous changes made before. Causing frustration, downtime and ultimately sales. This is no longer the case, of course we still have updates to our cart on a regular basis but all code now resides within a repository for each client, when updates are made they are pushed out to each client and made live within minutes and since they are merged into the live code there is no longer any worries about overwriting existing logic. Along with a system like this it allows us to keep the storefronts up to date with all the latest security trends without ever having to worry about losing previous built customizations and logic.

Hosting has also been a key problem with regards to ecommerce shopping cart platforms in general. Clients usually start out with one host and then change multiple times as the company grows, requiring the site to be shut down, moved, and re-deployed on a bigger and better server as the company grows resulting in time and costs to do so. Our ecommerce shopping carts are hosted on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services hosting environments, meaning you only pay for what you actually use and as the company grows, so does the server environment dynamically and without interruption. Being hosted in a cloud environment allows us to scale on the fly as your needs grow, or scale back as the busy holiday seasons end.

.NET Core. The ecommerce shopping cart is built on and running the latest version of .NET Core. Unlike classic asp and php carts, debugging and code building is faster than ever. With the powerful tools provided by .NET Core the sky is the limit on customizations. Since we built the cart, there is literally nothing we can’t do with it. Have a special promotion type that no other cart offers, no problem. Special shipping and product customizations, sure we can do that. Would you like to incorporate third party applications and marketing channels, never an issue. Never before have you had so much access to the design and templates that run your site. From content pages, to template layout, to customizations of all emails and correspondence to customers, you can control it all.

Along with all these opportunities for growth we also made sure that this is the most secure platform available. Along with .NET Core, Amazon and Microsoft, and custom developed algorithms for security this is the most secure ecommerce shopping cart… period. The cart itself along with the servers are completely PCI compliant.

So now you may be asking yourself, ok whats the catch? There is none, we have been working for years on this platform and have already released it to several companies. We are offering the ecommerce shopping cart on a license basis. Custom development of your design around the ecommerce shopping cart and anything else you decide to alter or modify for your specific needs would be at our current development rate.

We have been passionate about development and ecommerce from the beginning and we have always told ourselves there must be a better way to not only manage and build shopping carts but also upgrade and keep them safe while still offering clients the freedom to customize and build their specific ecommerce shopping cart to their specific needs. With this tried and tested platform we have done it.

Immensa Cart is that platform.

If you would like to schedule a demo and get a quote for porting your ecommerce storefront over to Immensa Cart please contact us, I would love to show you the future of ecommerce shopping carts.

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